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About Us

Ponos Apparel is a Calgary based venture founded in January, 2015. Since that time, our client base reaches from coast to coast. Thousands of NCAA, CIS, CCAA and secondary school athletes throughout Canada and the United States currently wear Ponos custom socks. We’d like for that to become tens of thousands, even millions. Help us, help you, help us.

Being socially responsible has been a priority from the onset. Our manufacturing facilities abide by all Workers Rights Consortium international labor standards. We’ve donated to charitable organizations throughout the world, including the Special Olympics and the Yangxi Social Welfare Institute in Western China.

We value the input of local artists and have created a platform for their artwork to be seen. We are very involved in the process, and are committed to the utmost level of satisfaction.  At the end of the day, our main priorities are building strong relationships with our clients, and creating a product that can be worn time and time again. And that looks fresh to death.